What Risks are Covered with Specialist Care Home Insurance?

Care home with large garden.

Care home insurance, a specific component of commercial insurance cover, is a specially designed policy intended to meet the unique needs of care providers. Indeed, recognising these risks and safeguarding against them is an essential part of running a care home. But what risks specifically does a policy cover against? Our specialist team explain further.

Property Damage

Care homes, like any other property, can be susceptible to damage. This could come from natural disasters like floods and fires, to accidental damage caused by residents and staff. With this in mind, it’s important that a care home insurance policy includes comprehensive commercial property cover in case of any such possibilities.

Personal Liability

In an environment where the health and safety of residents is always the biggest priority, personal liability should be included in all care providers insurance. Injury claims, whether from residents, visitors, or employees, can arise unexpectedly and without warning. Having robust insurance that includes personal liability can protect your care home from the financial implications of these claims.


With care homes increasingly moving over to digital data management systems, there’s an increased risk danger posed by cyber-attacks. Sensitive data belonging to both residents and staff needs protection, while any breaches in cybersecurity can lead to both legal repercussions and damage to reputation. A comprehensive care home insurance policy should always therefore include cybersecurity coverage to mitigate these risks.

Business Interruption

While care homes operate differently to many businesses, they can still face unexpected interruptions. These could be due to external factors such as storms or flooding, or internal issues like major repairs to the property. Business interruption insurance is a crucial element of commercial insurance for care homes, providing financial support when the home can’t operate normally.

The care home industry has a great many rules and regulations. This creates a large potential for legal disputes, whether from regulatory bodies, employees, or the families of residents. The associated legal expenses of these disputes can be astronomical, so having appropriate coverage under your care providers insurance policy is vital for financial security.

Specialist Care Providers Insurance from Higos

At Higos, we understand the unique risks and dangers that care homes can face. Fortunately, as a Chartered Insurance Broker, we can provide bespoke care home insurance to ensure you’re adequately protected. No matter how large or small, our team will get to know the ins and outs of your home before tailoring a policy that’s bespoke to you. For the continued success and security of your care home, it has to be Higos.

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