Why Should I Get Bespoke Care Providers Insurance?

Care providers' insurance is a complex policy protecting you, or your employees. Taking this policy out on your own could leave you underinsured and in financial difficulties if a claim is made. As a chartered insurance broker, Higos offers access to bespoke policies and top insurers who are experts in insurance for carers.

We can find carers liability insurance regardless of if you are CQC registered. However, we recommend that you become registered if possible. Not only does this get you a better insurance policy but it also gives you credibility, thereby boosting your care business.

Professional Carers Liability Insurance

Being a carer can be a very difficult job, with multiple unique responsibilities associated with each client. Carers liability insurance is a bespoke form of public liability. This protects you if a client is injured or ill whilst you are caring for them. This is your most valuable form of insurance for carers and is crucial to have before you start working. If you are a carer and work for a larger company, they should have you covered on their insurance plan. It is also a legal requirement for them to have employers’ liability insurance.

If you provide advice to your clients and they decide to make a claim against you, you will also need professional indemnity insurance. This is an extra layer of protection for you in the event of a claim. If you need advice on what to include in your professional and public carers’ liability insurance cover, feel free to contact our expert team and they will discuss your needs.

Insurance Types for Carers

Professional and public liability insurance for home carers is the most important insurance you need to have. There are, however, lots of other covers that you will benefit from. Choosing a specialist insurance broker ensures a comprehensive care provider's insurance policy that covers several aspects of your job. For example, if you take clients out to hospital appointments or for visits, you will need business car insurance. This means you will be covered if there is an accident whilst you are using the car for business requirements.

As a carer, it is important to acknowledge the risks that are associated with your work. When finding your care providers’ insurance policy, Higos ensure that you have full cover against abuse and molestation claims. Although this is something you never want to happen, there is a chance that you will need help with any legal fees that come with these types of claims. Care providers' insurance should cover this as standard, as well as potential loss of license. This would help you if you had to stop working and therefore lose income. It is important to note that if there is an accidental data breach, you will not have legal expenses covered by your carer’s liability insurance. In order to have this, you will need to be registered and have a procedure in place. An insurance for carers policy that is tailored to your business is vital because we understand that each care business has different needs. Whatever your circumstances, whether you are self-employed, employed by an agency or even if you have a business vehicle – it has to be Higos.

If you need a care provider's insurance policy, make sure you contact our specialist team. For a smooth process and a bespoke, comprehensive cover – it has to be Higos.

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