What Type Of Insurance Does A Political Club Need?

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Political clubs form a major part of our community, but as with any organisation, they face a range of risks that can lead to financial loss or legal liability. With that in mind, having sufficient political club insurance coverage is essential. Our political club insurance experts are on hand to share their tips for what insurance your political club should consider.

Building Insurance

If your political club owns or rents a building, it’s important to include a building policy with your political club insurance. This covers the structure of the building, including fixtures and fittings, against damage. It can also cover the cost of rebuilding or repairing the building if you need to make a claim.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is another important type of cover for political club insurance. A contents policy can cover the cost of replacing things such as furniture and equipment in the event of damage or theft.

Stock Insurance

If your club sells political merchandise, such as t-shirts, alcohol or books, stock insurance can help protect against any losses resulting from damage or theft to these items. Whether it’s Labour Club insurance, Conservative Club insurance, or any other political club insurance, this type of commercial insurance can be vital to protect against any losses.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance will cover your political club in the event of injury or damage to any third parties, such as members of the public, caused by your club’s activities or events. If you include this policy in your political club insurance, this can cover the legal costs of defending against claims as well as cover any compensation you may need to pay.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Any organisation that employs staff or volunteers is legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. This will protect your political club if you’re sued by a current or former employee for an injury or illness caused by their work.

Business Interruption Insurance

This cover offers protection in the event of any disruption to an organisation’s normal operations as a result of an insured peril. This can be particularly important for political club insurance as it can cover any loss of income, rent expenses, and things such as loan repayments.

Specialist Political Club Insurance At Higos

Political clubs face a range of risks, but suitable coverage is out there. At Higos, we offer bespoke political club insurance that can include all the policies mentioned above and more. If you’re in doubt about what your policy should include, or have any questions, our expert team will take the time to discuss your club’s details and requirements to ensure you’re coming away with the most appropriate protection.

Would you like to learn more about our different Conservative Club insurance, Liberal Club insurance, and Socialist Club insurance policies? Get in touch today. We always aim to find the best specialist cover to give you and your club peace of mind.

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