3 Reasons You Need Skiing Insurance

Man skiing down a snow slope with ski-lift carriages in the background.

There are a few key differences between regular travel and ski travel insurance. Our experts are on hand to explain the ins and outs of specialist cover for your ski holiday.

What Is Ski Travel Insurance?

It may well be second nature to arrange your travel insurance the moment you’ve booked your holiday. But then a skiing holiday isn’t the same as any old holiday, is it? Instead of relaxing harmlessly by the pool, you’re going to be hurtling down the ski slopes with the wind in your hair and snow spraying up in your wake.

With this in mind, regular travel insurance just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you’re going to need specialist ski holiday insurance.

At its core, skiing insurance is a form of specialist winter sports travel insurance. This provides cover that regular travel insurance won’t, and offers protection both on the slopes and during the wider parts of your holiday too.

Why Do You Need Ski Holiday Insurance?

Regular travel insurance will cover the basic requirements for your trip: loss or damage to baggage, theft of your belongings, delayed flights and so on. However, it falls short when it comes to protecting you from the further risks a ski holiday can face.

Here’s why we recommend finding the best winter sports holiday insurance for your trip:

1.      Injury Cover

It’s no secret that skiing can be unpredictable. Slips and falls happen regularly on the snow slopes, and when they do, there’s always a possibility of injury. In some instances, these can even be bad enough to cut your whole holiday short.

Specialist winter sports holiday insurance provides cover for injuries picked up while skiing and snowboarding that regular travel insurance won’t. This gives you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday, knowing you’re covered should the worst happen.

2.      Skiing Equipment Cover

Skiing insurance offers protection for high-value items that may not may not be covered under regular travel insurance. This includes rental skis and other winter sports equipment such as snowboards, and covers if they’re lost, stolen or receive any accidental damage.

3.      Reimbursement For Ski Lifts And Other Specialist Cover

There are a number of hazards that could potentially reduce the length of your skiing holiday. For example, you might turn up on the mountain only to find there’s no snow, or else delayed flights could eat into your valuable skiing time.

While a shortened holiday is bad news at the best of times, it’s particularly costly on skiing trips due to the high prices for ski and lift passes. With skiing insurance, however, you’ll be covered for these costs should you be unable to make use of them. This also includes injury cover should you have taken a fall that rules out skiing for the rest of the trip.

Have you got a skiing holiday booked? Get in touch with a chartered insurance broker to help find the best ski holiday insurance. We specialise in high-risk winter sports travel insurance and offer independent advice on all insurance needs. Whatever your holiday – it has to be Higos.

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