How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Thatched Roof?

rustic thatched roof cottage with brown brickwork

If you own a thatched house or cottage, you’ve likely wondered how much it costs to take out thatched roof insurance. Read on to learn what can affect the cost of thatched property insurance, plus find some tips that can help to reduce the cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Thatched House?

Typically, thatched roof insurance will be up to three times more expensive than insurance for standard constructions. There are several good reasons for this.

Due to the materials used in thatch roofs, thatched properties are much more prone to fire damage. If a fire starts, it can spread quickly and be difficult to extinguish. This increased risk compared to normal housing will be reflected in the cost of thatched roof insurance.

Thatched roofs can also be significantly more expensive to repair or replace than other types of roofing. Thatched roofs require expert knowledge and specialist materials, and there are relatively few thatchers in the UK. All this means the cost of any potential repairs will be higher, which in turn will put up the cost of thatched roof insurance.

This being said, there is no fixed price for thatched cottage insurance. Each property is unique, and the level of cover each thatched roof needs will be different.

Factors That Can Affect The Cost of Thatch Insurance

The cost of thatched property insurance can depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Age of the property – Older properties will often be more expensive to insure because they may have outdated electrics and plumbing, while the thatched roof may be at greater risk of damage.
  • Location of the property – Properties located in areas prone to flooding or other risks will generally cost more to insure.
  • Size of the property – The larger the property, the higher the cost of thatched roof insurance.
  • Type of thatch used – There are several different types of thatch materials, some of which are more fire-resistant than others. A higher fire rating will often result in a lower thatch insurance
  • Safety measures in place – Properties with good safety measures, such as alarms and a fireboard, may cost less to insure.
  • Chimney - Using a chimney to burn solid fuel will normally increase the cost of insurance.
  • Lack of specialist insurers – with the lack of specialist insurance underwriters, this means higher premiums as there is less competition due to the higher risks involved in owning a thatched home.

Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Thatched Roof Insurance

Just as the cost of thatched cottage insurance can vary, there are also measures you can take to help reduce the cost of a thatch insurance premium:

  • Install fire-resistant materials – As briefly mentioned above, installing a fireboard in your thatched roof can affect the cost of thatched property insurance. A fireboard attaches to the rafters and gives at least half an hour’s fire resistance.
  • Maintain your roof – Regular maintenance, including cleaning and repairs, can help reduce the risk of damage. Thatchers generally advise to clean and re-tighten thatched roofs once a year.
  • Clean chimneys regularly – Getting a certified professional to inspect and clean chimneys regularly during the burning season will limit the risk of fire damage. This in turn can help to reduce the cost of thatched roof insurance.

While these pointers can help to reduce your thatch insurance premium, it’s worth noting that not all insurers will factor this in. It’s always best to speak to your thatched roof insurance provider to understand what can affect your policy.

Specialist Thatched Property Insurance

Insuring a thatched roof is likely to be more expensive than standard constructions, but don’t be tempted to go without. It’s heavily recommended to spend the money on proper thatch insurance rather than suffering if you need to make a claim.

Our specialist thatched cottage insurance policies from Higos factor in the unique nature of your home. We’ll take the time to discuss your home, the fuel you burn, and the details of your roof. Our thatched roof insurance can also include a fully funded chimney survey for solid fuel stoves, and a fire risk assessment if your chimney is used by solid fuel stoves.

Are you interested in learning more? Get in touch today. At Higos, our team of experts will find you the best specialist thatch insurance cover to protect your property and give you peace of mind.  

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