Are Events Covered In Political Club Insurance?

A political club hosting a seminar event.

If you run or own a political club, it’s likely you’ll be running a number of events throughout the year. These could be anything from seminars and lectures right the way through to fundraising and networking events. However, while you may have a political club insurance policy to protect the club itself, it can be less certain whether these events are included in your coverage. In this blog, we’re exploring what types of events are covered with political club insurance and exploring options for the events that aren’t.

Understanding Political Club Insurance

Political club insurance is a specialised form of commercial insurance designed to safeguard the interests of political clubs, whether they are labour, conservative, liberal, socialist, or any other political party. This type of coverage offers financial protection against a range of risks that these clubs could face, such as property damage, liability claims, and certain event-related accidents. While this type of policy is tailored to the unique nature of political clubs and their activities, it’s important to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Does Political Club Insurance Cover Events?

A tailored political club insurance policy can provide cover for most types of events that are hosted by a political club. These events will usually need to be hosted within the club’s premises to be included in the policy, while appropriate coverage will protect from potential risks that might arise during these events. This ensures that the club’s financial stability remains intact.

What Type Of Events Aren’t Covered In Political Club Insurance?

It’s important to note that there are limitations to the types of events that are covered under political club insurance. While standard events such as seminars and fundraisers are generally covered, events that involve higher risks may require extra coverage. For example, if a club plans to host a beer festival or hold an event with fireworks, these activities are unlikely to be covered under a standard policy. In such cases, you should speak to your insurance provider to discuss the nature of your event plans and determine whether additional coverage is necessary.

At Higos, we can provide specialist events insurance for one-off events, ensuring your political club will be adequately protected in case of any mishaps or accidents. This will be classed as a separate policy and will reflect the unique nature of both the event and your political club. If your club has any events coming up and you’re unsure whether you should take out further coverage, we always recommend getting in touch directly. Our friendly team will be happy to talk through the options available to you.

What Should Events Insurance For Political Clubs Include?

When considering insurance for any political club events, two essential components come into play: public liability and cancellation cover.

  1. Public LiabilityPublic liability coverage is crucial for events, offering financial protection should any attendees, participants, or third parties get injured or suffer property damage. This type of coverage safeguards the political club’s financial interests by covering legal expenses, medical costs, and compensation claims resulting from the event.
  2. Cancellation Cover – Cancellation cover is also vital for protecting against any unexpected circumstances that might force the club to cancel or postpone an event. This could include reasons beyond the club’s control, such as adverse weather conditions, venue issues, or unforeseen emergencies. Cancellation cover ensures that the club doesn’t face financial losses due to non-refundable expenses associated with event planning.

Political Club Insurance From Higos

At Higos, we provide specialist commercial insurance designed to protect political clubs from the unique risks this industry can face. Our policies are tailored to each individual club, while our Chartered Status enables us to work with a wide range of commercial insurance providers to find you suitable policies. If you would like to discuss insurance for your political club further, or if you have any questions, contact our friendly team of experts and we’ll be happy to help!

Would you like to learn more about our political club insurance? Get in touch today! We always aim to find the most appropriate coverage to give you and your club peace of mind. For political club insurance, it has to be Higos.

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