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A parent plays with their child who is wearing an inflatable jacket in a water park pool, colourful slides are in the background

At Higos, our motto is that ‘We Love Different’. That is how we have achieved Chartered Insurance Broker status, an accolade that few brokers can boast about. However, it’s easy to say one thing and do another, so how exactly do we ‘love different’?

Recently, two Bude locals - Ian Burges and Rory Sacree - realised that Bude (in North Cornwall) didn’t have a waterpark. This meant that residents and visitors had to travel up or down the coast to get to the nearest one. After discussion and lots of research, they decided to start a waterpark business together called Monster Slip and Slide.

Ian & Rory had put together their ideas for the business and were ready put their plans into action. They started speaking to various commercial insurance brokers in Bude. However, they were turned away by every insurer they spoke to. The insurers claimed that there were too many risks involved. With Monster Slip & Slide being a new business venture, having never been insured before, and being a niche waterpark business, it was starting to feel impossible.

The pair spent a long time justifying their risks and reassuring insurers but still couldn’t get cover. Eventually, they came to Higos’ Bude branch. Ian and Rory told Bude’s branch Manager, Helen Newton, about their situation. They were apprehensive whether Helen could help them, as every previous broker and insurer they had spoken to previously had said they couldn’t.

But, instead of turning them away, Helen investigated their case and spoke to Higos’ insurance associates on their behalf. Eventually, Helen found an insurer willing to give Ian and Rory the necessary commercial insurance cover to allow them to open their business.

Now Ian and Rory run a successful business and are comfortable knowing that their long-term plans have finally been realised, thanks to Helen and Higos.

If you’re someone who is also struggling to get business insurance due to your individual circumstances, please don’t hesitate to talk to us by contacting your nearest branch. Our chartered insurance brokers are on hand to help discuss your specific needs and help you find the right commercial insurance cover for you.

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